Productive Business Solutions in  Barbados - Tips For Starting a New  Business

In addition to providing a range of products and services that are intended to help businesses in Barbados develop, the team at Productive Business Solutions Barbados is also able to offer advice to people who are looking to start their own company. There are a number of issues that you must overcome before you can start a new business, so take all of the following as quality advice that will help.

Create A Good Business Plan

Your business plan needs to be focused and succinct, looking at all of the important details surrounding your new company without getting completely bogged down in needless information. You should aim to boil it down to the essentials while still placing plenty of focus on the aspects of the business that will determine whether or not it is a success.

Research Demand and Competition

If there is no demand for the product or service that you provide, you are going to find that you struggle when you open your doors. Those who are introducing a new product to the market need to have a plan in place to advertise it and help people understand what it does as quickly as possible. If you are going to be selling existing products, you need to understand what competition you are going to face and how you will differentiate yourself from them.

Understand That You Run A Business

You may be an expert in the service that you provide, but Productive Business Solutions is quick to point out that this doesn’t necessarily equip you to run a business based around that service. New business owners in Barbados need to understand that they will be taking on a whole new job that involves admin and financial work, so they need to be prepared to handle this or capable of delegating this work to somebody who can.

Productive Business Solutions in Barbados  - Tips For Purchasing Office Equipment

Productive Business Solutions(PBS) offers a range of services to clients in Barbados, all of which are focused on helping other businesses improve the services that they provide. Through their partnership with Xerox they are able to offer quality office equipment and have the following pointers for companies who are looking to purchase good equipment for their offices.

Plan It Out

There is no point looking to purchase office equipment without first understanding what your company actually needs. If you operate a paper-based business, you will need to purchase filing cabinets and other pieces of equipment that will help with admin, whereas companies with more of a technical focus will need to consider equipment relevant to their business.

Do The Research

There are many companies that offer office equipment, so it is crucial that you do your research so that you work with a company that you know you can trust. Discuss your requirements with other business owners and gather recommendations from them. You should also speak directly to each company you consider to gather quotes and find out if the level of customer service they offer is up to your expectations.

Consider It As An Investment

Productive Business Solutions has found that many new companies look at office equipment as an expense an inconvenience, rather than a long term investment. Businesses in Barbados should not look to purchase a piece of equipment just because it is cheap, as it may not be reliable enough to last and could lead to them spending more in the long run.

Productive Business Solutions in  Barbados - Qualities A Customer  Service  Representative Must Have

Productive Business Solutions (PBS) Barbados, which was formed in 2005 as the result of a number of different mergers between companies in Barbados, has always placed a focus on providing superior customer service. To do so, it is vital that the company is able to identify personnel who have the qualities needed in order to work directly with customers, so they always look out for the following traits.


A customer service representative must be able to demonstrate professionalism at all times, no matter how heated the interaction with a customer becomes. There will be times when they have to speak to customers who are intent on expressing their frustrations, which can lead to emotional outbursts in less experienced representatives. By maintaining your professionalism, your actions will reflect well on the company.


While it is unrealistic to expect a customer service representative to know everything about a company, they must still work to maintain a solid knowledge base that allows them to answer the majority of the questions that a customer asks. If an employee seems unwilling to learn more when given the opportunity, they may not be suited to the role.

A Good Listener

It is remarkable how many customer service issues can be resolved just by listening to the customer. Productive Business Solutions Barbados trains all of its personnel in Barbados to give clients the opportunity to talk, as this allows the representative to identify the issue they need to deal with, in addition to ensuring the customer doesn’t feel as though they are constantly being interrupted.

Productive Business Solutions in Barbados - Issues All Business Have To Face

The business development team at Productive Business Solutions are well aware of the many issues that businesses can face during the course of their operations and is able to offer advice to companies in Barbados on how to handle many of these issues. They have identified all of the following as hurdles that any business is going to have to overcome at some point or another.

Admin Work
When you first start your business it may be tempting to think that you can handle all of the admin and financial work involved, alongside offering a high level of service. However, sooner or later you are going to find yourself having to focus on one or the other or else you risk exhaustion. Make sure that you have a system in place to handle admin work and can delegate tasks to other employees where needed.

A Failed Marketing Campaign
Marketing is going to be extremely important when it comes to gaining increased exposure for your business and it is something that you need to constantly invest in if you are to see returns. However, few businesses have a flawless track record when it comes to marketing and you are likely to eventually run a campaign that comes nowhere close to offering a good return for the investment. Make sure you learn from the mistakes you made and don’t get discouraged in your marketing efforts.

Bad Customer Reviews
While Productive Business Solutions Barbados always advises businesses in Barbados to place a large amount of emphasis on the quality of their customer service, it is still likely that you are eventually going to end up with a bad review floating around somewhere online. You need to be able to respond to this professionally, offering to help the reviewer with the issue they faced if relevant and doing what you can to ensure this negative word of mouth doesn’t affect the business.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados - Customer Service Tips for Better Customer Relations

The key to establishing a lasting relationship with your customers is to connect with them on an emotional level. In order to establish relationships with your customers and create loyal customers, you have to go beyond simply delivering your product. For the last 40-years, Productive Business Solutions in Barbados has been creating lasting relationships and developing strong bonds with its customers. To win over your customers, you need to create a unique customer experience and exceeding their expectations every time.

Excellent customer service is something that every department of your company can achieve. To achieve customer service excellence every interaction with your customers has to be consistent from beginning to end. Here are some top tips that can help you and your staff focus on the most important elements of your customer service.

  • Before anything else, you must focus on service.
  • Always give your customers the best experience possible.
  • Always improve your customer service.
  • Always respect your customer’s time and opinion.
  • Work to solve their problems quickly. This will turn complainers into your biggest advocates.
  • Listen to your customers so you can change their attitudes and solve their problems.
  • Exceed your customer’s expectations.
  • Personalize your service to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Keep your customers coming back by providing them with special interactions.

Providing your customers with excellent service is sure to not only keep them coming back but spreading the word about your business. There is a reason why Productive Business Solutions Barbados has been helping their customers for more than 40-years.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados - How to Tackle Workflow Reengineering

Today, companies have to complete a number of tasks on a daily basis, but often times don’t have the available resources to be successful. If your company is struggling to stay productive and efficient, you may need to consider redesigning your workflow process. While many companies don’t know where to start, businesses like Productive Business Solutions in Barbados can help them to analyze their current workflow and design a process to help them be more productive on a daily basis.

In order for a company to lower costs and increase productivity and efficiency, they may need to redesign and reorganize the company. Here are seven re-engineering principles that can help companies streamline the work process, helping them to achieve higher levels of improvement in time management, speed, profitability, and quality of work.

  • Organize work around outcomes rather than tasks.
  • Identify all the processes that are being completed in a day and prioritize them in order of urgency.
  • Integrate information processing work into the work that produces the information.
  • Treat resources that are geographically dispersed as if they were centralized.
  • Rather than simply integrating results, link parallel activities into the workflow.
  • Put the decision point where the work is being performed. Then build control into the process.
  • Capture information only once and captures it at its source.

Reengineering your company’s workflow will help to increase the productivity of your employees and the efficiency of the office. Productive Business Solutions in Barbados can help you analyze your current workflow and design and implement a new process that will work for your business.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados - Providing Excellent Customer Service

With the continued popularity of social media, news travels faster and wider than ever before. Like Productive Business Solutions of Barbados, you want to ensure your customers leave satisfied and share their excellent experience to others, through word of mouth, on personal Facebook pages, Twitter, and other social media outlets. It’s simple to gain repeat customers, all you have to do is provide the same excellent service you would expect to receive as a customer.

The first impression that a customer has of your business is your greeting. Whether you are greeting them in person or over the phone, be sure to smile. A greeting with a smile sounds upbeat, friendly and inviting. Waking up with a positive attitude will assist you in providing excellent customer service to your customers. A positive attitude is contagious, and your customers will know by the way you treat them.

To show your customers that you really care about their needs, you need to participate in active listening. Don’t interrupt them while they are speaking to you, and be sure to restate what you heard to make sure you understand what it is they need. Also, be sure to be cognizant of your body language as it is just as important as what you communicate verbally. Always use eye contact when speaking with a customer, and be mindful of negative body language as this could create a barrier in communications.

How you view your customers is reflected in how you treat them. Like Productive Business Solutions Barbados, treat each customer like the star they are and exceed their expectations. Add your own special touch that will make your customers feel appreciated.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados - Network Disaster Recovery: What You Need to Consider

Business disasters usually fall into one of three categories: natural, technological, and human. Whatever the cause of the disaster, it is paramount for businesses to be able to get their systems back up and running. Productive Business Solutions of Barbados has been working for over 40-years to help their customers avoid and recover from network disasters. In the event of a disaster, it's important that businesses have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.

The disaster recovery plan needs to include all functional areas of IT prior to, during, and after a disaster. The plan should include applications, networks, servers, and storage. During the planning process, contingencies need to be considered and decisions about what level of disruption will constitute a disaster, downtime, and loss tolerances need to be discussed. A typical disaster recovery plan includes the following:

  • Statement of intent, setting the stage and direction of your disaster recovery plan.

  • Policy statement.

  • The main goals of your disaster recovery plan.

  • Key personnel contact information.

  • An overview of your disaster recovery plan.

  • What needs to be done immediately following the onset of an incident.

  • Members and contact information of the disaster recovery team.

  • A summary of the IT environments insurance coverage.

  • Actions to take when dealing with financial and legal issues.

Once you have a disaster recovery plan in place, it needs to be constantly updated. For small to medium-sized businesses, bringing in a company like Productive Business Solutions of Barbados can help perform these tasks when the right technical skills are absent. Having a company help with your disaster recovery plan can help you keep costs down and get your business back up and running in no time.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Make it Easy

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados have dedicated teams of employees that want to ensure every customer has a good experience. A good business knows that the customer is the most important part of the business. That is why you as a business owner, should try to find every advantage and edge you can in order to provide the best customer service. This means having the latest technology and being aware of the latest techniques of customer satisfaction for your industry. By keeping your customers happy and well informed, you make it more likely that they will recommend your product or service to others.

One thing customers appreciate is to have all of the information laid out for them in an easy to access manner. According to’s Ultimate Tips for Customer Service, “Customers don’t like to be burdened to contact you for items that could easily be provided for them on a self-service basis. Do your FAQ’s actually include the questions that customers want the answers to? Or were they written six years ago by your web developer? Do they get an auto-confirmation when they order or do they need to call to ensure their order wasn’t lost in the ether? And so on.”

By keeping information free and transparent, the customer will not only trust you more, but they are less likely to get frustrated or angry. Try to keep everything for your customer as easy and straight forward as possible.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados offer many solutions to streamline customer service.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Take Advantage of Technology

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados hire staff members and employees that focus on efficiency and productivity. It is that policy that has helped make them one of the largest technology and integrated services firms around. If you are a business owner that wants to get more productivity around the workplace, there are many tools and resources that will allow you to do so. It is simply a matter of putting in the time and doing the proper research to find out the methods that will be most effective for your particular situation. Many of these solutions can be quite simple, readily available, and cost virtually nothing to execute.

One good way to increase productivity is the proper use of technology. According to’s Productivity Tips, “There are amazing tools that you can use in the office to make you more productive and ultimately save time during the workday. Use GoogleDocs to collaborate with colleagues on documents. Use calendar planning tools to sync up your schedules with colleagues. Use Skype for video conferencing so that you can potentially reduce the need to travel for meetings. Also, work with your IT team to see if they have suggestions on which new technologies can be used to save time.” Cisco’s Collaborative Tools are also a powerful alternative.

The proper utilization of technology, including the latest software and hardware can really streamline the daily functions of a business. By properly training your staff to use all of this technology, you can expect more productivity and higher profit margins.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados is always looking for ways to improve business functions.

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados - Organization

Productive Business Solutions of Barbados helps businesses stay efficient and productive by keeping things organized and cost effective. Being productive in the workplace is something that offers many advantages. That is why if you are looking to get more out of your work day, there are many tips and tricks, resources and bits of information that can help you accomplish this. In an industry as competitive as business, and edge or advantage over the competition can lead to success. Having a good career can boil down to whether or not you are as productive as the next person. Thankfully, productivity isn’t just about working harder, it is also about working smarter.

Organization is a key strategy for productivity. According to’s Productivity Tips, “By arranging your workday so that you tackle your most important priorities together, you will save time, be more efficient and ultimately produce higher quality work.  In addition, by starting your day with the most important task, you will increase your productivity and get your day off to a good start.”

Being well organized is important because it will help keep you focused and on task throughout your day. Good organization prevents time wasting issues like looking for a specific document or tool that you need to complete your task. It is also a great way to be more productive because everything is readily available for you. Organization helps you take on tasks one step at a time.

Productive Business Solutions Barbados make organization a big part of their service.

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